Limited edition posters for SION HILL's new extended play, A State Of Permanent Flux.

Posters sold on the band's UK tour.

SION HILL - A State Of Permanent Flux
A State Of Permanent Flux

Sketches for ATTITUDES's Instagram.

ATTITUDES is a Luxury knitwear brand, made in the UK from surplus materials,

with the hope to reshape attitudes in fashion. 

Celebration for the punks, ravers, noise rockers, mods and new romantics.

Monthly portraits created for BURST LONDON, 

an art platform that showcases UK based up and coming art and music.
Each month of 2021 have a different artist curating a fresh playlists.


Portrait for a song first released for the singer Connor the Alien.

Illustrations for the clothing brand PLIGHT CLUB.

​The first rule of Plight Club is "you do talk about it".

Plight Club exists to inspire and empower people to talk about how they feel. The aim of the brand is to make a real change and connect the world on a deeper level.

The community is built on people expressing who they truly are. Membership is obtained through purchasing an item of "Connection Clothing".


CHOOSE LOVE for Refugees.
Illustration for the nonprofit organisation CHOOSE LOVE to help refugees.
Displayed online to print, colour and share for Refugee Day 2020.


Instagram promotion and flyers for MEIMEI LONDON.

MeiMei is a cordon bleu chef pâtissier and

brings cakes in a unique cakebox delivery service
for celebration & weddings.


Flyer front
Flyer back

Banners for the nonprofit organisation ANIMAL REBELLION.

Animal Rebellion is an animal and climate justice movement with the stated aim of using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action towards a plant-based food system. Their justification for the introduction of such a system is the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, species extinction and ecosystem breakdown.


Illustrations for the artist and singer RON PHOTO.

Animated artwork for Ron Photo's last song video release.


Ron Photo Music